The key differences between our survey approach and traditional survey approaches are outlined below:

Traditional Surveys Our Surveys

No. of questions

Many questions

Fewer but more focused questions

Time required

At times unreasonable

A matter of minutes


Lots of data

Lots of insight


Scoring mechanism only

Scoring mechanism
Linked to key business goals


Our unique research approach allows us to design surveys that deliver valuable insight as they are tailored to your specific business objectives and challenges. We conduct the survey on your behalf, present research findings and then provide you with a list of prioritised recommendations to improve business performance.

  • Do you want to...
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses unique to your brand?
  • Understand the key drivers you need to focus on to enhance your brand?
  • Know how your brand compares to competitors?
  • Check how well you actually deliver your brand promise or unique value proposition?

Brand Monitoring Research


Essentially a health check for your brand. Our approach allows you to quickly understand your strengths and identify opportunities for improvement across your brand elements.

  • Understand how your brand compares to others within your sector?
  • Know the particular nuances that separate consumers within your sector from those in other sectors?
  • Understand not only how customers feel but also how they behave when it comes to your brand and others within your sector?
  • Gain access to sector wide quantitative and qualitative data?
  • Gain knowledge of WOM economics for your brand and category?

Benchmarking Reports


We conduct regular Loyalty & Recommendation Benchmarking Studies across 4-5 sectors a year. These contain industry-wide and brand-specific insight on:

  • NPS®
  • Number of comments customers make
  • WOM economics
  • And much more

If your sector isn’t included in the studies we produce in a particular year talk to us about tailoring a report for your particular sector.

  • Develop a best-practice NPS® customer survey?
  • Ensure you identify, include and measure the important lead attributes which have a relationship with your Net Promoter Score®?
  • Conduct a survey which not only measures NPS® but also other key metrics essential to your business success?
  • Measure the performance of key customer interactions and an overall organisational score?
  • Receive alerts which are sent to you in real-time informing you of Detractors so you can contact them to take corrective action and understand the issue in greater detail?

Customer Research and Survey Design


As a Net Promoter® Loyalty Partner we have access to best-practice NPS® research design components. We supplement this with additional key metrics to provide you with a revitalised and comprehensive research design.

Our tailored design will enable you to understand which areas or attributes are key to improve your NPS®.

We can also set-up tailored alerts that are triggered by a customer’s specific response within a survey. These alerts can be sent to staff within your organisation so that they can quickly begin to recover unhappy customers or address high priority issues and concerns.

  • Overcome internal cultural obstacles?
  • Identify any cultural differences or issues across functional areas within your organisation?
  • Understand the emotions your staff feel at work?
  • Know precisely what you need to focus on to take your organisation’s culture to the next level?
  • Know what your internal NPS® (eNPS®) is?
  • Know how likely staff are to provide discretionary effort?
  • Discover how many staff champions (i.e. staff who understand and are committed to your organisation) your organisation has?
  • Find out what cultural factors may be stopping staff from performing at their very best?
  • Know precisely how your external customer NPS® links to your internal staff NPS®?
  • Compare your internal cultural scores to our  Australian benchmarks?

Cultural Barometer Staff Loyalty & Engagement Survey


This is a qualitative assessment of your internal culture conducted with a representative sample from all parts of your organisation.

This includes a staff focus group to identify key issues and blockers.

This research provides a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s culture. Lead analyses include:

  • Internal NPS® (eNPS®)
  • Discretionary effort
  • Champion analysis

Beyond this we also measure:

  • How well an organisation lives its values
  • Emotions felt at work
  • Job ratings
  • Organisational ratings
  • Manager & peer ratings
  • Leadership rating

Engaged Marketing’s strategic approach to customer research allowed us to pinpoint the precise areas where we need to focus our efforts on our largest clients, enabling us to drive client loyalty and satisfaction.

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