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footer-logo2Net Promoter Score® is much more than a score or question. It is an organisational discipline that operationally requires regular client surveys followed by action to neutralise Detractors and empower Promoters (to learn more about the Net Promoter Score click here).

Engaged Marketing is an official Net Promoter Partner which means we can bring best-practice processes and tools to your NPS implementation. Engaged Marketing have successfully implemented a number of NPS programs across a range of industries resulting in NPS increases of up to 50 points.

The following is a checklist of best-practice initiatives to ensure your program delivers organisational results not just metrics.

  • Do you want to...
  • Design your research beyond the standard NPS questions to optimise your NPS program?
  • Ensure your surveys are quick and easy for participants and yet provide insightful and action-orientated recommendations?
  • Enlist an experienced research organisation who can conduct the research and analysis for you?
  • Design a survey that factors the unique nuances of research design for a NPS program designed for a B2B vs. a B2C application?
  • Run surveys that provide you with end-to-end insight as well as detailed information about key customer interactions?

Research Design & Execution


We can conduct NPS & Customer Experience research on your behalf.

As an official Satmetrix Distributor we can distribute the official NPS survey software by Satmetrix.

We can design NPS surveys for a sample of your entire customer-base (relationship surveys) so as to provide you with end-to-end insight and an overall organisational Net Promoter Score.

We can also design surveys that are triggered by key customer interactions (transactional surveys) allowing you to gather detailed insight for those interactions that matter the most to your customers.

Asking the right questions is essential to the effectiveness of your survey and to understand what drives your NPS. As a Net Promoter Loyalty Partner and due to our experience across a range of industries, we can provide you with best-practice survey design strategies so that you can reap the benefits of a comprehensive NPS survey and discipline.

  • Reinvigorate your current customer strategy?
  • Modify your customer strategy so it incorporates best-practice NPS principles?

Customer Strategy Review & Gap Analysis


We place your customer strategy under a magnifying glass to find what is preventing your organisation from maximising customer loyalty and recommendation.

We provide an assessment of your organisation’s:

  • Brand
  • Staff engagement
  • Value propositions
  • Competitor positioning
  • Customer insight capability
  • Ensure that the initiatives to create experiences worthy of recommendation are followed-up and not lost due to day-to-day busy-ness?
  • Establish a clear line of accountability for the roles and process required to bring your NPS program to life?

Governance & Accountability


We assist you in the establishment of an Executive Customer Committee and project team. This includes outlining all roles, responsibilities and processes so that every employee from an executive to a frontline staff member knows the part they must play to achieve the organisation’s customer goals.

  • Know the nuances associated with successful Detractor call backs?
  • Train key staff on the techniques used in best-practice Detractor call backs?

Detractor Training


We train your staff on the best way to approach your unhappy customers. Your staff will know how to call back Detractors to ensure that their issue is fully understood and resolved.

  • Uncover how you can improve your existing Net Promoter Score program?
  • Ensure your Net Promoter program utilises best practice methodology?

Net Promoter Score Audit


As a licensed Net Promoter Loyalty Partner we can quickly analyse and audit your existing program and provide your team with a prioritised list of recommendations you can implement to improve your program. This ensures that your Net Promoter program follows best practice principles.


Find out how our proprietary expertise translates into real organisational outcomes by clicking here

Guiding us through the roll out of the Net Promoter program Engaged Marketing have helped drive change which has reflected in the loyalty and recommendation from our customers. The feedback received in real time has allowed us to address problems before it is too late and effect change from a quality source – our customers.

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