Customer Strategy


Are you satisfying your customers?

If you answer ‘yes’, then you might be in more trouble than you realise. Why? Because in an increasingly competitive and globalised market mere satisfaction does not drive loyalty and growth.

At Engaged Marketing we work with you to develop outstanding customer experiences and value propositions so that your customers are loyal and recommend you to others.

  • Do you want to...
  • Clearly articulate why your customers should buy from you instead of your competitors?
  • Know why customers currently buy from your competitors?
  • Understand exactly why your customers should be loyal to you and recommend you to others?

Customer Value Proposition
Design Workshop


A CVP is the reason why customers consider you, buy from you and stay loyal to you. We work with you to design and more importantly deliver your unique value propositions so that your customers clearly understand why you stand out from the competition.

  • Know what markets you should you be targeting?
  • Have your marketing speak to the defining characteristics of your target market?
  • Know how segmentation can help solve your big business problems?



Our approach to segmentation is unique. We believe there is no such thing as a single segmentation approach. Segmentation is the answer to various business problems or challenges. We focus on helping you build a segmentation infrastructure that enables you to address your key business challenges.

  • Understand which specific interactions with your organisation are most important to your customers?
  • Know how your organisation should approach different customer journeys?

Customer Corridor


This facilitated workshop looks at all the interactions customers have with your organisation but most importantly from a customer’s perspective. It identifies key interactions and potential pain points that can influence your Net Promoter Score®. The unique outputs from this workshop are utilised to tailor the customer questionnaire/s and develop customer strategies.

  • Create customer experiences worthy of recommendation?

Customer Experience
Strategy Workshop


We work with you to develop a customer experience statement specifically designed to improve your Net Promoter Score®. Our unique approach utilises our expert knowledge of the precise emotional and functional elements you need to deliver to be worthy of loyalty and recommendation.

This then becomes your unique Customer Experience DNA.


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Through Engaged Marketing’s strategic workshops, we were able to focus exactly on who we want to be, where we want to go, and how we’re going to get there. Engaged Marketing were able to quickly grasp what issues we face in our industry and how to gain a strategic advantage over our competitors.

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