Your staff and organisational culture is central not only to any single initiative but also your entire organisation’s rate of growth, clarity of purpose and direction. We build processes and systems that bust internal silos so that all staff and functional areas work together to achieve a unifying customer goal. Our processes result in engaged staff that fully understand your strategy and are strongly committed to making it a success.

  • Do you want to...
  • Have your executives clearly understand their role in ensuring the organisation can deliver customer experiences worthy of recommendation?

Executive Engagement  Workshop


A workshop for Executive & Senior Management that clearly outlines the regular actions they must take to motivate their teams to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

  • Empower all of your staff to develop initiatives enabling you to deliver outstanding customer experiences?
  • Use the knowledge and ideas that your frontline staff have gained to develop experiences worthy of recommendation?
  • Have access to a set of quick and easy tools which can be used by all staff to improve your organisation’s customer experience, innovation and efficiency?

Frontline Staff Ideation Workshop


These are a series of fun and stimulating workshops designed to encourage staff to find new ways to deliver experiences worthy of recommendation. They are also encouraged in these sessions to develop initiatives to reduce costs and improve efficiency. They are short in duration and can be conducted during regular team meetings.

  • Clearly outline to staff their role in delivering experiences worthy of recommendation?
  • Ensure your staff not only understand but also engage with your customer strategy?
  • Establish processes and initiatives to maintain staff engagement with your customer strategy?

Staff Engagement Strategies


To have engaged customers you must have engaged staff. These are staff that fully understand your strategy, know how to drive customer recommendation and are personally committed to making your strategy successful. The best strategy will not work if your staff are not emotionally engaged to your strategy. This element involves a series of initiatives from reward & recognition to staff involvement to ensure staff are fully engaged.


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The Engaged Marketing strategic workshop has re-ignited the team and has given them a clear vision of where they want to take the company. Their grasp on the subject and in-depth involvement with the team was simply amazing.

Sunil A

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