page-image-brand In our view a brand is much more than a logo or a trademark. It encapsulates everything you are, say and do. We work with you to create outstanding brands that truly stand out and clearly differentiate you from your competitors.

  • Do you want to...
  • Ensure your brand can cut through the clutter and stand out from your competitors?
  • Gain clarity on your brand’s personality, values, essence and positioning line?
  • Rejuvenate your current brand and increase its relevance

Brand Strategy


In a half day workshop we create a unique and identifiable brand which guides your customer interactions and initiatives. We do this by designing a comprehensive brand strategy comprising of a differentiated:

  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Positioning line

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Engaged Marketing's skills and expertise have been of enormous benefit to us in helping us define our brand. The incorporation of internal culture and customer experience in their methodology formed an extremely useful basis on which to build brand identity and their structured, yet flexible approach has allowed for quality input from key stakeholders, while maintaining a focus on practical outcomes.

Anne-Maree M

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